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Come One Come All, It’s Easy To Fly! Welcome to the 1st flight game where you can actually get out of the airplane.
Find and work on items in the hangar to make money for fuel. Buy the aircraft from your cash and fuel them before flying. Choose between remote flight or get in the pilot seat.
Once in the air the race is on!!
Fly to make more cash to keep in the air by flying low and doing ribbon cuts.
Be an Air Boss, position the rig and call in Warbirds for the air show. Hop out to get in the air yourself for formation flying. Or stay in the Air Boss position to bring them in to set off the Wall of Fire!
There is in air refueling, but watch your fuel for if you run out you will go Deadstick! If you crash will have to make it back to do fire rescue from the air or ground to make some of your cash back.
Join the game today and get in the air yet, watch out for the lore of flight it can take a tole on your cash. Though you can wash it away.
Look for more Flying Adventures! This is just the beginning of exciting flying games. 


  • Collect Items- Crates around the Island contain Parts, Gas or, Cash
  • Work in the Hangar- Use items from the Crates to get cash from working in the hangar
  • Buy Gas- Use cash collected to purchase fuel
  • Buy Aircraft- Choose from 3 aircraft to fly Easy / Mid / Diff
  • Fuel Aircraft- Use purchased fuel to fill aircraft
  • Remote Flight- Can choose before takeoff to fly from the end of the runway
  • In Aircraft Flight-Cockpit and following camera plus look around
  • Formation Flight- Fly formation with Air Boss spawned aircraft for cash
  • In Air Refueling- Linking up with Big Blue in the right position can refuel aircraft
  • Ribbon Cut- Slice through the Ribbons to gain cash
  • Fly Low- The lower you fly the more cash you will gain
  • Deadstick- Run out of fuel the engine will Quit yet you retain control
  • Crash- Will have to make it back plus loss of cash Swim /Run
  • Put out Fires- Firetruck or Helicopter can put out fires to gain cash
  • Watch your Money- Flying lore can creep up on you wash it away ;)
  • Air Boss- Drive and call in aircraft a timing game for cash or to set off Wall of Fire!


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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